By clicking on the links below you will be able to view what is currently known about the Unit.  Information available includes the primary officers and the Battles that were fought.


1st Regiment, West Virginia Infantry

12th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

12th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (41st Volunteers)

13th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry/a>

16th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (161st Volunteers)

21st Regiment, Illinois Infantry

45th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

61st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

64th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

67th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

68th Regiment, Indiana Infantry

73rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry

75th Regiment, Indiana Infantry

87th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

87th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

140th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

166th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry (Drafted Militia)

188th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

200th Pennsylvania Infantry

Hatch's Independent Battalion, Minnesota Cavalry


5th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry

5th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (State Troops)

6th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry

7th Battalion, South Carolina Infantry (Nelson's) (Enfield Rifles)

13th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

44th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

57th Regiment, Virginia Infantry

Cavalry Battalion, Hampton Legion, South Carolina